Chaos in Medicine™ Series

By Nathaniel William Wilson


Volume 2 * Healthcare for All: Old Remedies and The New Dispensation * ISBN-13: 978-1494808396 * ISBN-10: 1494808390

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sectional synopsis


Interlude to Volume 2 (Summary of Volume 1)

In an attempt to bridge two very diverging volumes of text in this series, this section serves to offer ideas about practical approaches for tackling the most important issues as identified in the four chapters of Volume 1. Serving as a vantage point toward a new type of discussion in healthcare circles around the globe, the author also sheds light on a more personal motivation for writing the book, a motivation that must ultimately be seen as the main reason for making the series accessible to the general public.

In effect, healthcare should and must be made much more affordable to the general populace and this goal must be achieved at all costs (including costs of title-based pride, social dominance and excessive levels of lifestyle-based expectations from a career in medicine); more healthcare professionals are needed to commit their careers and best efforts to achieving this all-important objective - for the sake of a better, healthier world.


Fifth Law of Healing

A natural law dictates the rule by which we become diseased or fall sick; it is based on an appreciation of how our bodies live within this world for us to therefore understand how the interaction between the body and the environment must be optimised if one is to take better care of oneself. The idea of 'individual health attentiveness' is introduced and expunged upon - as a reminder of a very old adage take care of yourself before caring for others.


Sixth Step

After a series of acquisitions in terms of novel insights and renewed conceptualisations regarding health it is time to take the next step.
Only with suitable action can we change our stars toward a better future.


Seventh Stone

Thinking about healthcare can be a painful experience; it weighs heavily on the conscience. If not addressed in adequate measure, the stone becomes heavier. In this chapter, the heaviness of healthcare is discussed with consideration for the emotional entanglement often experienced when this serious matter is opened with such directness.


Eighth Release

Time has come for releasing the weight of the past - the anger, frustration and disappoinment associated with the burden of healthcare. Natural avenues of release are best, to open up the mind and body for a fresher approach to being healthy.


Ninth Act

Finally, it is time to act. We know what we should do, and we should do it momentarily.


Tenth Commandment

It is important to care for yourself. It is important to care for those you love. It is a commandment: start taking care.
If you will not take care of yourself, who will?



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