Chaos in Medicine™ Series

By Nathaniel William Wilson


The Chaos in Medicine Series is a self-published, double-volume debut release by the above author, an internationally published medical researcher; the first author to publicly challenge the professional title of "Doctor" (Dr.) as awarded to medical doctors after six years of undergraduate studies. The main hypothesis of the series succinctly captures the idea that, due to the consequent change of social-professional status in both social and professional environments, both the state of medical services delivery and general standard of care have depleted owing mainly to the fact that many medical professionals do not contribute significantly to the field of medicine, contributions that would warrant the noble change of title they receive.

In short, the issues surrounding title-based medical dominance in healthcare settings are held responsible for bringing orthodox medicine to its lowest point in human history. The author calls for an overhaul of current medical qualifications frameworks and manner of accreditation; in Volume 2, conceptions of individualized healthcare are revisited. Impetus for further discussion is provided with a lucid, transparent tone, paving the way forward as we enter The New Dispensation of Healthcare.



Volume 1

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Obama's Blindness and The Missing Link in Healthcare

ISBN-13: 978-1481906562
ISBN-10: 1481906569

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Volume 2

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Healthcare for All: Old Remedies and The New Dispensation

ISBN-13: 978-1494808396
ISBN-10: 1494808390

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